Update Q3 2018: Importing MOHAA assets directly into UE

by mohue

Aug 2, 2018

Update Q3 2018: Importing MOHAA assets directly into UE

It has been a while, but we are still working on the project! Regarding to our previous post, where the problem was that we do not have any permissions from EA to use the assets that are used in the original MOHAA for our project. We did not go with the way to start by zero and develop everything (models, levels, etc…) on our own. But instead it has been decided to make an “assets loader”, which imports the assets from MOHAA “on the fly” into MOHUE, nothing from MOHAA will be redistributed. This means that you must have an original installation of MOHAA on your computer to launch MOHUE.

For the past months, the lead developer has programmed the importer with the following results:


Currently the following assets can be loaded directly into MOHUE:

  • Sounds & Music
  • Static & Animated models
  • Animations (if their skeleton is loaded)
  • BSP levels
  • Shaders
  • Textures

The development for the project is currently having some delay due to the amount of extra work in our private lifes. Still, the importing of the MOHAA assets is being developed as main priority.

We would like to thank everyone for their patience, support and feedback! If you would like to chat or have feedback about the project, feel free to join us on our Discord server!