Medal Of Honor Rises

Work in progress

Community driven

With the power of the fans, MOH has risen and is developed by people all over the world.

New engine

MOHUE stands for MOH: Unreal Engine. Using the latest Unreal Engine to achieve next gen features.

Old school style gameplay

Born from a love of the MOH:AA series. A game we feel had a good balance of arcade as well as competition style gameplay. The characters moved well, the weapons were old school and fun, and it took some skill to play.


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Testing MOHUE

MOHUE can be tested with the Unreal Engine Editor and an US copy of Medal of Honor.


Weapon updates and chat replacement

All weapons their bullet “puffs” and impact animations are implemented.


Multiplayer & Dedicated Servers

When looking at MOHAA, the dedicated server supports up to 64 players, which was pretty impressive for a game that was made back in 2002.


Update Q3 2018: Importing MOHAA assets directly into UE

It has been decided to make an “assets loader”, which imports the assets from MOHAA “on the fly” into MOHUE